“I came to Aspire because I heard a lot of good things about Aspire at the time. I had a friend that was working for the Web Content team here and he told me about the great level of appreciation for the employees and the healthy working environment. These 2 things really encouraged me to apply.”

Meet Ghassan Al Mousa, Quality Analyst, amateur story writer and Salsa/Tango dancer.
Why did you choose IT?

I chose IT for personal and professional reasons. I studied Computer Sciences because it was the most booming industry at the time in Jordan and it still is. However, my path at Aspire through the years hasn’t been very IT-oriented.

What are you particularly passionate about within your industry?

The constant new and limitless opportunities that are always available and new technologies being presented are what excites me about the industry.

Why Aspire?

I came to Aspire because I heard a lot of good things about Aspire at the time. I had a friend that was working for the Web Content team here and he told me about the great level of appreciation for the employees and the healthy working environment. These 2 things really encouraged me to apply.

What does your typical day look like?

I wake up and usually get ready pretty quickly and go straight to work. I start working on production testing first, and once that step is over I do smoke testing on all the websites I am responsible for monitoring in order to check that they are functioning properly. After that, I work on regular tasks such as tickets and operational tickets. My team keeps working on these tasks until the end of the day. 70% of the time, I hang out with my friends after work, we go out to chat and eat. The other 30% of my time is spent either at dance studios, practicing Latin and ballroom dancing or playing video games.

Ghassan, dancing Cha Cha.
What do you value the most about the company?

A lot of things, but what I value the most is the long-term commitment Aspire has with their employees. They don’t treat employees like commodities like most companies. A lot of people have been here for a really long time, so we consider this place like a second home. Aspire appreciates the people who give their best and they want to make sure people are committed, as we are viewed here as a great long-term investment. The management team has a really good vision for the future, they are aware that things change and they are willing to adapt.

What is your favorite movie/series?

So this may seem a bit weird but I have 2: The Matrix and The Notebook (very contradictory, I know) and my favorite series is Dr. House.

What do you like to do in your free time?

On weekends, if I am not home chilling, I partake in multiple activities such as Toastmasters, or studying to develop my personal skills, writing stories or hanging out with friends. I also dance whenever I can.

Ghassan presenting at Toastmasters Club in Amman.
What was the path to your current role at Aspire?

When I first joined Aspire 12 years ago, I started off as a Customer Support Agent on a temporary contract for 2 months. After 2 months, I got an offer to become a permanent employee and 1 year later, I become a Customer Support Supervisor. A year after that, I was presented with the opportunity to work as a Business Analyst with a new client in Texas for about 2 years. I was then given an opportunity to return to Customer Support as a Team Lead. In 2011, I was then given the opportunity to start a new team from scratch for a project called Telecom Expense Management. The team started off with 4 individuals, including myself. We quickly acquired new tasks and clients and grew the team to 23 individuals. I led this project until 2018, when I decided that I wanted to refresh my IT knowledge, so I moved to a Quality Analyst position and I am enjoying it a lot so far.

What is something that will surprise your colleagues?

Aside from the fact that I dance salsa and tango, I love listening to horror stories.

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

An eagle, as it’s well known for being sharp and swift and in some cultures is that it known for soaring above problems and rising above challenges. I see a lot of myself in an eagle.

An eagle, image from Pixabay
You have 10 seconds to impress someone. What do you tell them?

I can cook, sing and dance, are you impressed yet?

What’s your favorite song/singer?

Song is a hard one, but I really love Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé.

What is one thing you want to do before it is too late?

I want to travel to the Amazon forest. I love nature and traveling. The Amazon above all is a place where you can get lost completely. The idea of traveling there for a month or two is so tempting, as long as I can stay alive and not get killed.

Rio Guaporé Amazon Nature Boat Jungle Forest, Image from Pixabay
Does a particular time in your career stand out?

The period between 2011-2014 was a huge growth period for me and for the company, especially in my team.

What are your ambitions for Aspire?

I am hoping to start a new team with a new client in order to benefit both Aspire and the client even further.

If a genie appeared and gave you three wishes, what would they be?

1- To have US$1 billion.

2 – To go on an astronomical trip and be able to visit Outer Space.

3 – To produce a movie that will become super successful (this is a personal dream).

What’s your biggest personal achievement?

In the last 3 years, I have lost 130 kgs, moving from a super obese person to someone who is almost fit. This has improved everything in my life and I am very proud of myself.

What’s your biggest professional accomplishment?

Managing the Telecom Expense Management department.

What superpower would you like to have?

Telekinesis, being able to move or manipulate stuff from far seems pretty cool.

If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Pizza, all flavors but if I had to choose 1 flavor I would go with 4 Seasons, it’s my favorite.

Pizza, Image from Pixabay
What’s your life philosophy?

Life is going to hit you hard, you will never be able to hit as hard as life. Strength doesn’t reside in how hard you can hit, it resides on how hard you can get hit and keep moving.