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Aspire's Digital Consulting Services Help Jordan's Premier Bank as a strategic partner on their CRM adoption journey, thus Driving Business Growth and Enhancing Customer Experience

The Client

One of Jordan’s premier banking institutions which provides financial and banking services for the retail and corporate sectors where Aspire provided Digital Consulting Services for CRM Implementation.

The Challenges

The client is in the midst of an exciting digital transformation journey to become the bank of choice in Jordan. As part of the journey, the bank required the implementation of a modern CRM solution to help drive business growth and improve overall customer experience at the bank
The client needed to identify the right CRM solution and to define a clear and shared CRM strategy that ties back & contributes to the bank’s business objectives

The Solutions

The client partnered with Aspire to provide Digital Consulting Services:
Assess the current business, technical, data and ICT infrastructure requirements
Identify the requirements for running a CRM application in the bank
Develop CRM solution concept, specifications & roadmap specific to the client
Prepare the RFP for potential vendors and solutions
Shortlist vendors and solutions
Finalize vendor and solution jointly with the client

The Results

This engagement provided the bank’s management with the vision and principles for the implementation of the CRM in the bank, and a clear strategy to identify the most suitable system integrator and solution