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Global Marketplace Overcomes Unique Advertising Testing Challenges with 100% Coverage and 70% Reduction in Test Time through Innovative Strategy

The Client

A mobile-first, editorial-led global marketplace in the USA that offers unique multi-channel advertising and commerce opportunities for brands.

The Challenges

Distinctive features in ads testing, with numerous ad unit formats and parameters to be tested.
A large number of ads, each with its own size, position, and behavior based on business requirements, media types, and targeted platforms.
The current testing strategy does not meet the business's needs in terms of test coverage, duration, and ad performance.

The Solutions

Continuous collaboration with the business to understand and document ad behavior, size, and all other characteristics.
Use proxies to ensure that ads are properly tested end-to-end.
Create a test strategy that includes the following elements:

A demonstration website where advertisements can be verified.
A traceability matrix for all formats, platforms, and features.

Utilize automation technologies. Additionally, collaborate with developers to create unique identifiers for each ad component.

The Results

Testing coverage increased to
Test execution time is reduced by
with automation coverage