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The COVID-19 pandemic has presented the financial sector with numerous challenges, which have led to the emergence of new opportunities that are shaping the industry.


From open data platforms to advanced data analytics and AI-based Fintech, financial services are evolving and changing rapidly. These changes are also impacting the global landscape of risk and regulatory frameworks. In response, organizations are seeking to create connected, interoperable, collaborative, and frictionless frameworks with customers, partners, and across the value chain. These frameworks are expected to be low-risk and fully automated, with the ability to automatically detect fraud. Key aspects of these frameworks include greater cybersecurity measures, the incorporation of design thinking at all stages, and the interoperability of solution frameworks.

How Aspire Can Help?

Aspire worked with many financial institutions, including several prominent players in different global markets. The objective was to assist clients in:

Identifying the most suitable vendor/solution for their critical banking applications

Conducting an assessment

Conducting an assessment of their compliance with security guidelines specified by relevant central banks

Achieving digital transformation

Achieving digital transformation by adopting Agile Transformation, coaching, and transitioning from legacy monolithic architecture to microservices-based architecture with DevOps integration

Designing and building digital solutions

Designing and building digital solutions for Banking & FS that adhere to the industry's top design practices

Adopting intelligent automation tools

Adopting intelligent automation tools to improve service efficiency and accuracy in BFS companies

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