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Healthcare Client Reduces AWS Costs by 30% and Improves Operations with Aspire's NOC Services and Cost Optimization Solutions

The Client

A rapidly growing US-based healthcare client was in the midst of migrating their IT infrastructure from an on-premises setup to the AWS cloud. They were looking to optimize resources and costs while streamlining operations support to reduce the overall cost of services.

The Challenges

Excessive AWS resources were deployed without any right-sizing activities.
Rapid scaling and infrastructure changes were happening during on-going migration activities.
Paid tools were being used for support, backups, and auto-healing activities.
Communication protocols and escalation paths were not set up.

The Solutions

Aspire suggested and implemented industry-standard open-source tools for support and deployment.
Backups and certain auto-heal activities were automated. Right-sizing activities were conducted regarding AWS and instance types to reduce overall AWS spend.
A single-source documentation library was created, escalation paths and methods were defined and implemented.
Weekly calls and change review processes were established to improve collaboration and reduce rework.

The Results

Monthly AWS spend was reduced by 30%, and additional savings were achieved by using standard open-source tools.

The time to deploy average time was reduced by 15% due to improved collaboration and speedy deployment activities.

Support and maintenance procedures were documented, and training was imparted.

Enhanced visibility and awareness of changes during the migration was provided to client executive leadership.