Our Recruitment Process

The process of recruiting at our company involves the following steps:

Step 1.

Application Review:

We carefully review all applications received and evaluate them based on a range of criteria.

Step 2.

HR Interview:

Selected candidates are then invited to participate in an HR video interview with one of our recruiters and HR personnel. The purpose of this interview is to gain a better understanding of your background and experience.

Step 3.

1st Technical Interview:

Candidates who pass the HR interview will then proceed to an interview with Aspire engineers, where they will be asked about their technical and team experience.

Step 4.

2nd Technical Interview:

If successful in the 1st technical interview, candidates will be invited to a more detailed technical interview with Aspire engineers.

Step 5.

Task Assessment:

Finalists will be given a multi-day task to complete to further assess their skills and suitability for the role.

Step 6.

Job Offer:

After carefully considering all candidates, we will extend an offer to the individual we believe is the best fit for the position.


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