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Televisa wanted to Live Stream the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals as a free service for all users. With over 3 million potential users expected to log onto the platform, they needed an execution strategy.
Televisa is the largest multimedia mass media company in Latin America, providing coverage for news, entertainment and sports.


  • With over 3 million potential users logging onto the platform, the website was under the risk of losing stability.
  • The server’s health was also under the risk of becoming overloaded.
  • The cost of technologies such as “load-runner” or cloud based ones like “BlazeMeter” were too expensive for a one-time event, so Televisa needed a more cost-efficient option.


  • Aspire decided to simulate the process from A-Z, having over 3 million dummy users being logged onto the website at the same time, mimicking what users would be doing during the event.
  • The load testing was performed using open source tools such as Gatling using AWS cloud engines, enabling Aspire to simulate 3 million users per second.
  • Aspire tested and monitored the website’s performance and stability manually against different networks in parallel with the load test.


Aspire completed and broadcasted all live streams successfully while maintaining 100% stability.

Aspire supported over 3 million users without any reported server errors.

Aspire used open source tools that were extremely cost-effective and offered premium quality while saving a significant amount of money.