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Providing Automation Testing Services to a world leading air transport IT and communication specialist, digitizing and automating its airport deployment strategy, integrating various platforms and applications into a single reusable deployment package.
Aspire’s input directly contributed to SITA’s Airport Management System business objectives: 1) Robust and efficient operational planning; 2) Proactively control real-time operations; 3) Continuously improve business results 4) Enable systems integration across many environments.


  • Part of SITA’s work program was to test and assure that airports are built based on a set of globally acceptable and specific standards.
  • Downtime impacted SITA’s reputation for operational excellence.
  • Testing sites (airports) manually to assure that all servers and workstations are configured as required is a time-consuming process and requires 100% accuracy.
  • Operating in a complex, and integrated environment with several network topologies required a steep learning curve.
  • Availability of real sites for testing.
  • Dynamic requirements: large number of changes made after code completion.
  • Observed a large variety of special use cases and third-party integrations required extended research times.


Due to the closed operating environment, Aspire initiated a pilot project to evaluate the technical output and provide the estimation strategy.

Following the pilot, Aspire continued supporting the client by creating an automation project to validate selected processes:

  • Devices and servers configurations
  • Installations (services, such as databases)
  • Group policies updates on domain controllers
  • Active directory tasks (create users, etc)
  • Windows OS services configuration
  • Create and maintain registry keys

Developed automated scripts which were executed on all Airport Devices and Severs and over LAN and WAN.


Sample of tested Countries.

Aspire reduced the total airport setup verification process time from 4 days to less than 6 hours per airport, enabling multiple airports to be setup simultaneously, with smaller teams and shortened completion times.

Aspire reduced the “human error factor” by 10- 15%, resulting more accurate results.

Aspire implemented Instant Reporting via email confirmation, resulting in less downtime for Test Engineers, better reporting accuracy for Implementation Engineers and improved visibility for Management Team.