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Providing advanced testing automation services for Kargo’s Ads admin management product using Aspire advanced automation framework.
Kargo needed visibility into the business aspects behind their projects. A quality control and testing automation strategy was necessary to provide a seamless user experience to their customers. Kargo specializes in mobile brand advertising, empowering advertisers to break convention and build connections with their consumers.


  • Increase the automation coverage for Kargo’s Ads admin product.
  • Kargo’s product is dynamic with complex testing paths and challenging test data manipulation.
  • Some modules in the product were removed and no longer required. Testing should make sure that there is no impact to the existing modules.
  • Data listed in the product’s web pages were huge and needed to be continuously verified against DB.
  • High dependency between modules.
  • All areas needed to be tested including areas where no code changes were applied.


Aspire developed and utilized an in-house developed robust automation framework built on top of open source technologies (Java 8, Spring-Boot, RxJava) along with various automation solutions to provide premium quality services. The framework is integrated with a rich web-based reporting solution built using Angular, NodeJS and React. Devices and servers’ configurations. With more than 1000 predefined steps, Aspire team can automate test cases without writing a single line of code.


With the predefined test steps, Aspire has increased the speed of writing test cases which increased the overall test coverage.

Early Detection of Defects by running the automated tests right after each new build.

Real-time Feedback by utilizing the automation report and dashboard to monitor the tests as they are executing.

Faster verification of data against DB using SQL queries within automation test scripts.