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DGDean provides end-to-end technology and digital project management services to fast growing start-ups.


  • Plenty of AWS resources were required for monitoring and auto-healing requests on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • Follow-ups were required on the scaling and rapid changes on their respective AWS/Cloud infrastructure.
  • DGDean used paid tools for automating auto-healing and backups.
  • Lack of communication and protocols for specific escalation scenarios.


  • Aspire automated most of the processes using different tools and scripts.
  • Aspire added review process categories based on AWS resources and types, then shared them to all team members on a monthly rotation process so that members could be aware of environmental changes.
  • Aspire suggested and implemented an open-source tool which eliminated the costs while performing the same functions.
  • Scheduled weekly and monthly calls with contact points to improve communication.


Aspire managed to monitor AWS resources with speed and efficiency.

Aspire saved DGDean additional costs by switching to an open-source tool.

Aspire setup a Network Operations Team who performed infrastructure setup jobs and built network diagrams successfully.

Aspire used open source tools that were extremely cost-effective and offered premium quality while saving a significant amount of money.