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Case Studies
Challenges Solutions Results

Providing DevOps and Infrastructure Architecture Services to an IoT Platform provider selling a subscription-based model fashion focused IoT devices, providing real time connectivity and monitoring through mobile apps. Backed by AWS based infrastructure, the service is currently used by over 30K subscribers.

Aspire’s input directly contributed to the client’s business objectives:

  1. Reduction in deployment time which lead to continuous improvement of business features.
  2. Providing on demand automated environment scaling in response to load spikes.
  3. Enhanced the product quality by implementing continuous testing process.


On-premise infrastructure upscaling was expensive and time consuming, which limited the flexibility of responsive upgrades.

Deploying new features was highly dependent on deployment and infrastructure teams.

Bug fixing life cycle and cost was considerably high due to multiple dependencies for running tests and deployment processes.

Maintaining security policies on in-premise servers required expert IT staff.


Design and implement a cloud strategy.

Define and enforce security best practices.

Introduce Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.

Integrate into Agile methodologies.

Automate the IT infrastructure for provisioning, orchestrations and deployment process.


60% reduction in deployment cost

Faster deployment cycle

Reduced human dependency in delivering shippable products